Dee Narla

Co-founder & Inventor

Dee considers her role to be an advocate for children, disabled and the elderly. To effectively achieve this goal, she has utilized her background and experience in engineering to found the technology and communication company Dristee. As the principal innovator and developer of the Dristee wearable device, she has coordinated it’s design and development both here and in Bangalore, India.

Stuart Reich

Co-founder & Entrepreneur

Born, raised, and educated at NYU in New York City, Stu spent over 25 years as a broadcast advertising executive, working for major companies as CBS Television and Westinghouse Broadcasting, subsequently founding his own National Broadcast Representative Company.

Jeffery Hawkins, MD


A product information – advisor Dr. Hawkins is board-certified in both anesthesiology and pediatrics. Having been trained at the University of Chicago, Harvard/Beth Israel and UCLA, his interest in pediatrics and child/adult safety, making him a great supporter of Dristee and an admirer of both it’s capabilities and the artistry of its design.

Cooper Carrasco

Web Designer

Cooper’s love is web design . Under the aegis of ANDESIGN,  he developed this website in association with dristee beginning in 2018.


Bo Lee

Marketing Consultant

Bo, a specialist in social media marketing, was a natural to be dristee‘s marketing consultant. With enthusiasm and intelligence her guidance in these fields has been inspiration.

Andrew Namminga

Principal Designer & CEO of ANDesign

Andrew, the Principal Designer and CEO of his own company ANDesign, a company providing end-to-end product development including designing, engineering and manufacturing services. ANDesign prides itself on its diverse portfolio ranging from hardware projects to baby products, consumer electronics and advanced wireless-connected wearables. ANDesign has offices in Newport Beach, CA and in Shenzhen, China.

Benjamin Balana

Project Manager of ANDesign

Ben is the lead project manager of ANDesign and helps coordinate the overall product development schedule and assets of the Dristee Device.